“He knows what the good value is… in the property.  He knows things that most realtors don’t know.”

Alexandra Bowes


"Donald, I would want to work with you with any property we ever buy anywhere!  Your expertise and kindness have meant so much to Hill and me.  We are very grateful for all you have done"

April 2018, upon sale of 20 acres on Slattery Road, Kenwood, CA - Hill & Genevieve Ferguson


 “Donald knows everyone.”

Jeff Wiggins


 “Donald knows everything!”

Joe Olivo


 “Donald suggested the contractor.  We went with him.  Donald suggested the interior designer.  We went with her.  Donald suggested the landscape firm.  We went with her.”

Yves de Balmann


"I feel very strongly that he, he and Sotheby’s have the ability to really market this property properly.”

Peter Hall


That video is absolutely fabulous! It has attracted so many obscure people from all over the place they have just called and said I want to see the house. I saw the video!”

Peggy Karren


 “My last sale through Donald was one of the best. He’s intelligent.  He’s knowledgeable about all of the aspects of purchasing property.  I would recommend him highly.”

Suzanne Brangham


“You are the best!!”

Katie Hanstad Currie on the purchase of 1200 London Ranch Road, Sonoma

“We are feeling really good about this. We love the property. We love the location! And of course loved working with you.”

Nicole Avril & Dan Gelfand on the purchase of 9735 Los Guilicos Ave., Kenwood


“Donald is one of the most responsive, thoughtful and honest professionals I know; I trust his judgment and respect his
straightforward approach. He isn’t just trying to sell you real estate; he is focused on gracefully guiding you through this
major transaction —
always with your long-term satisfaction at heart.”

Neal Schwartz, Architect


“Thanks Donald! We really appreciate your advice and help through the process. We couldn’t be more excited.” 

Ben and Leah Spero